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Fonda Duo

Sometimes you prefer the traditional caress of a soothing heat.

Your choice: gentle steam or traditional heat – with Fonda Duo. Sometimes you prefer the traditional caress of a soothing heat, and at other times the gentle cleansing of ultra soft steam. Fonda Duo gives you the luxury of choosing either, thanks to its steam generator with an integrated 1.3-kW heating element and 5-litre water tank.

Fonda Duo is controlled by the T2 controller, included in the price.



The Features

More enjoyment with Helo essential oils

As an added treat, why not pamper yourself with essential oils. Add a few drops to water or ladle it over the hot stones and let the bliss wash over your body and mind.

Fitting control unit Fonda Duo


This new control panel is designed to control the heater or steam bath – and it is good looking too. T2 is equipped with a touch-control and it shows temperature and time in operating mode. It has the ability to pre-program the heating of your sauna up to 23 hours ahead. It is also equipped with a switch for lighting, an easy control for the temperature, a switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius, a 12 h/24 h format, multiple language and other more advanced settings and a testing possibility. 



Images Fonda Duo

Technical specifications

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m3) Size (WxHxD) Quantity of rocks (kg)
Fonda Duo 4.4 4.4 4 - 6 448 x 665 x 364 20
Fonda Duo 6.6 6.6 5 - 9 448 x 665 x 364 20
Fonda Duo 8.0 8.0 8 - 12 448 x 665 x 364 20

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Front (mm) Ceiling (mm) Floor (mm)
Fonda Duo 4.4 50 50 1135 100
Fonda Duo 6.6 50 50 1135 100
Fonda Duo 8.0 50 50 1135 100

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