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Aroma Essences

Helo natural essential oils are concentrated drops of all-natural bliss, enveloping you in the holistic comfort of proven aromatherapy principles. Add a few drops to water, ladle it over hot sauna stones and let nature’s recipes for treating body, mind and soul wash over you.

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The Features


Nourish the inner you. Calming yet invigorating, this fusion of cinnamon, jasmine, ylang ylang and orange essential oils crystallizes the moment, restores balance, frees you to re-discover yourself.


This all-natural blend of lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary and grapefruit essential oils reawakens the body, sharpens the mind, re-calibrates the channels for experience.


Replenish your reserves. This stimulating blend of peppermint, bergamot and petitgrain is an instant recharge, melting stress, boosting concentration, powering a surge of renewal to every fibre.


A good morning starts the night before. This relaxing blend of lavender, cedar and geranium
essential oils induces deep, uninterrupted sleep, the key to waking up to the best possible you.


Lose yourself in the embrace of all-natural geranium and ylang ylang. An energizing, therapeutic kiss, this stirring combination of pure essential oils reawakens the fi res of seduction.